Epoxy repair putty multipurpose
Epoxy repair putty multipurpose

Epoxy repair putty multipurpose

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Epoxy repair putty multipurpose, bi-component epoxy repair putty that hardens rapidly,even under water. Can be applied in any thickness onfibreglass, metal, cement, wood, marble and ceramic surfaces. Solvent-free,it is perfectly moldeable.Once hardened, can be perforated, sanded, filed, painted.With stands temperatures from -20 ° το + 120° C. Optimal resistance against hot and cold water, gasoline and oil. On moist or immersed surfaces,press strongly on the product in order to facilitate its aadherence to the surface.Can be used to repair holes and cracks in piping,heaters,radiators,boilers,to repair underwater cracks,chinks and holes in tubs and pools,to join pipes of differend diameters,to restore threeanding

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