Gray plastic mesh multi-purposed fence and garden fence

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Balcony grid, height 1 meter GRAY, for protection of children, domestic animals, plants, flowers, etc. Easy to install without maintenance, with many advantages

  • grey colour
  • height 1 meter
  • length from 1 meter to 50 meters
  • protection for kids, leaning on the gaps in the rails, making it difficult to climb, does not let things fly out of the balcony
  • it also serves as a fence in gardens, flower beds, pots, protects flowers or seedlings from animals or anything else that can destroy them
  • it also serves as a protection for pets or allows them freedom of movement in places that we want to move
  • useful and as a discrete obstacle to prevent an accident
  • non-toxic
  • leaves the airflow free
  • resistance to weather conditions
  • it does not create shade
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